This is YOUR website, you Clingman-Jones folks — read on


(originally posted July 15, 2005 — and everything in that post is still true in 2017)

The site is new. I hope that everyone will try out all the features, poke around, let your fingers and mouse do some walking and give me feedback on places you have problems or questions, ask for help, make suggestions, mention what you like, etc.  Use the feedback link in the left column.

All of the functions are working except for forums. It’s not something I can fix so have to wait for the developers to get on it.  (Forums now fixed).  I think you’ll especially like the Photo Galleries and to watch the Family Tree grow as people add information.

Now that the Forums function is working again, please put any comments, questions, squaks, gripes, whatever, in the Forum “All About this Site.”


2017 Postscript:  We’re still looking for YOUR contributions. Your stories, your photos, and family documents. Feedback is still encouraged. The links are to the 2017 versions of the same functions (e.g. photos) as before. The purpose of this site is to gather the family information in one place. Mike White has a tremendous amount of photos and documents that we will be adding. But we really need YOUR stories. The oral tradition of family history is gone. Here is your chance.

There is even a super simple way to add your own blog entry right off of the home page.

Example of easy user posting WITH a picture


There is also a Rich Text Format (RTF) editor, i.e. Word-like where you can do bolditalicsunderlining and other tricks just like in Word.

Again, this form to fill in is near the bottom of the home page.

This is a heading

which you can also do along with lists

  • with bullets
  • or
  1. with numbers
  2. all automatically added.

And images. Here are a couple from the latest flooding.

DSCN0389 DSCN0408

Testing the front-end blog entry

This is being entered from the home page without any detailed fiddling at all. Easy way for registered members to post a quick entry about your part of the family, your visit to the Valley, or anything else related to the Clingman-Jones family. To do a more detailed entry you have to go another route, and I’ll be glad to help with that.

Once you post, I get an email and have to approve it before it is visible on the blog page.


If you need to write a long blog … try this

This is written in Word. Any editor that will do Rich Text Format (RTF) will work. I will write it, save as I wish, but eventually just copy and paste into the blog entry – which you will now be reading.

If you have photos you will have to add them later.

But for long text and formatting, using the write in Word, then copy and paste can help.

There is also a “Save Draft” button in the right-hand column that also is handy.