New Grill/Smoker In Action – Thanks Larry

(originally posted Nov 12, 2007)

Original posting by Mike

Checkout the new grill/smoker that cousin Larry Braswell has working! This fine culinary engineering equipment’s home is just behind the dining hall/kitchen. Larry modified the unit to be both a grill and smoker, laid the concrete slab for its home base, and installed the unit. As you can see by the photo, cousin Milton (sr.) is the first customer and he seems well pleased. This ought to really open up some great Reunion meal options. Thanks Larry.

Now we just need some grill’n family members to step up to the grill!

Postscript by Gil

The grill/smoker had a long life of superlative service, especially with its use by Robert and Karen Atkinson doing dogs and burgers for the reunion pre-arrival crowd. Count me as one of those grateful souls! But it is now dead and gone. Perhaps Prez Spencer may be putting out a call to see if someone has a replacement.

here is the old grill:

A fine old grill/smoker. We used ye well. R.I.P.

The Valley in January

(originally posted Jan 21, 2010)

Made a little trip out to Arkansas this last weekend and spent a pleasant couple of days in Jones Valley. The Valley has a very nice soft look in the winter. Larry and Paula were there as well, and we had a real nice time visiting, getting a few things done, and taking in most of the NFL playoff games. Continue reading