Another reunion under my/our belt

(originally posted July 8,2007)  NOTE: photo links are not working. Will fix

One head count indicated around 90 in attendance, not sure anyone got the exact count. There were a lot more 20/30 somethings this year and more kiddos — that’s great! The food was really good thanks to Karen and Robert Atkinson’s organization, the grounds were in super shape due to Larry Braswell’s oversight and added personal labor on the mower, the records were in order from Treasurer Milton Cameron and Secretary Mike White, [G2:1436 class=g2image_float_left] and the Sunday service was fulfilling under Johnny Cameron’s leadership. I know I’ve left out some people who played a big part in the reunion …. Continue reading

Joneses had a great time at the 87th Jones Valley Reunion

(originally posted July 9, 2008)

We Joneses Guilford (“Gil”) and Jennifer had a great time, especially since Jennifer’s son Lt. Matthew Andrews and his girlfriend and their friend James came for Saturday and Sunday. We left Wednesday morning (July 2) and in only 478 miles we were pulling into the familiar sign at the entrance. It was pretty quiet most of Thursday but by Friday a lot of cuzzins were flocking in from everywhere. Continue reading