Photos added to Arthur’s page

As you know, Mike has been digitizing photos and writings of, about and from the family. I am beginning to make use of that cache by pulling photos from the dropbox where Mike is organizing those materials.

As an example of what you can do in sprucing up the pages of family members — right down to yourself and your immediate family — is on the Arthur page. Make our ancestors come back alive!

Example of easy user posting WITH a picture


There is also a Rich Text Format (RTF) editor, i.e. Word-like where you can do bolditalicsunderlining and other tricks just like in Word.

Again, this form to fill in is near the bottom of the home page.

This is a heading

which you can also do along with lists

  • with bullets
  • or
  1. with numbers
  2. all automatically added.

And images. Here are a couple from the latest flooding.

DSCN0389 DSCN0408