2008 reunion plan

(originally posted June 29, 2008)

Wow, am I ever late getting this on the website. Cuzzin Mike sent it to me long ago. See attachment below.

Here is the schedule as set out in the newsletter:

Reunion Schedule / * (all meals [in bold] in the Grace Jones Palmer Dining Hall)
Friday, July 4th
Early Arrivals – Hotdogs on the new grill! (though the Dining Hall
will be available for do-it-yourselfers)

Saturday, July 5th
8am – Country Breakfast
Followed by time to poke around the Valley, meet and greet
Noon – Sandwich Lunch
Solve world problems, get after the volleyball/horseshoes, catch up
with the kinfolk, jump in the ole swimming hole
6pm – Evening Meal
Followed by the Family Business Meeting (be there), then music
and Family visiting (NO fireworks during music)
8pm – Board Games in the Dining Hall

Sunday, July 6th
8am – Country Breakfast
11am – Remembrance and Gospel Sing
Noon – Home-cooked Meal
1:30pm – Executive Board Meeting (has been moved to Saturday, same time)
More opportunities to enjoy Jones Valley and kinfolk
6pm – Evening Meal
More music and sitting out enjoying campfires and reminiscing
(something for young folks to gain some skills in doing)

Monday, July 7th
8am – Continental Breakfast (maybe a little more)

Newsletter: CJNewsletter2008

Joneses had a great time at the 87th Jones Valley Reunion

(originally posted July 9, 2008)

We Joneses Guilford (“Gil”) and Jennifer had a great time, especially since Jennifer’s son Lt. Matthew Andrews and his girlfriend and their friend James came for Saturday and Sunday. We left Wednesday morning (July 2) and in only 478 miles we were pulling into the familiar sign at the entrance. It was pretty quiet most of Thursday but by Friday a lot of cuzzins were flocking in from everywhere. Continue reading