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If you are a new user, please fill out the registration section of this page. Your application will be sent to the Webmaster and upon approval, you will receive an email with your username and a temporary password. You should then change the password to one of your own choosing. More details below the login/registration.

Registration Suggestions:

  • Pick a meaningful username — such as
    • guilford
    • gil.jones
    • joediffie
    • anything, just so family members can tell who you are
  • Pick a password you can remember
  • Write down your username and password somewhere

To register or make changes

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What happens after registering

Upon registering you will get an email (the email will be from Clingman-Jones Family from an address of email AT jonesvalley.us  that reads like this:

Thank you for registering for Jones Valley.
Your registration has been received and is pending approval.
You will receive login instructions upon approval of your account
This is an automated message from Jones Valley
Please do not reply to this address
It will just confuse the computer!

Webmaster approval

Once you are approved, you will get an email thusly:

Your registration for Jones Valley has been approved.

Your registration information is below.
You may wish to retain a copy for your records.

username: whatever_you_entered
password: H8CUE@m7HQp0 (or some similar gobbley-gook)

You may login and change your password here:

You originally registered at:
This is an automated message from Jones Valley
Please do not reply to this address
It will just confuse the computer!

Changing your password

It is essential that you change the default password to something you can remember but one that is strong.  A recommended method of saving passwords is to use a password “vault” such as Keepass — it runs on your computer, your tablet or your phone (at least Android). Get the professional edition. Another excellent one is LastPass and is my (Gil’s) current favorite.

Signing up for the email list

We also maintain a group email list (aka “list-server” to some) and all family members will be well-served by signing up for that. Important and fun information is sent there and we try not to bombard you. Send an email to family-request (at) jonesvalley.us with the word “subscribe” as the subject. No text needed. You know to replace (at) with a symbol, right? Your request will be moderated and acted upon as soon as possible.

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