Erin Jones Couch/Dixon

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Erin (NMN) Jones (Couch/Dixon) was born April 21, 1898, in Ardmore, Oklahoma. She died in 1968 in Austin, Texas. She married James Theodore “Theo” Couch in 1921 and was later divorced.  Erin and Theo had two children:  Merle Eleanor Couch, born October 13, 1922, and Marjorie Elizabeth Couch, born May 16, 1924. Both were born in Oak Cliff (Dallas), Texas.

Erin was the fourth child of Arthur and Ella Jones, born in 1898 in Ardmore, Oklahoma. She attended Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas. Her good friends in college were Dixie and Gretchen Dixon and their brother Ralph. She married James Theo Couch in 1921 in Dallas (we think this is the date and place). Erin and Theo were divorced about 1929 and Erin moved “home” with her children to her parents’ house in Memphis, Texas. With the help of her parents (Mama and Papa Jones to the girls) she raised them, moving with all the family to Llano and finally to Austin, Texas, in several locations.

During that time Erin worked for the State of Texas; at one time she was secretary to Coke Stevenson when he was Speaker of the House of Representatives. She also worked for the Department of Transportation.

In about 1937 she went to visit her college friends, Dixie and Gretchen, in Silver City, New Mexico. There she met Ralph again. His wife had died and left him with three children—Patricia, Jeanne, and Ralph Jr. (Bill). Ralph and Erin were married in about 1938, and she and the girls moved to El Paso, Texas. Ralph died in about 1948 in Silver City, New Mexico.

Erin moved back to Austin and lived for some time with her sister Mozelle at the famous 707 Baylor Street. She died in 1968, not too long after sharing an apartment with another sister, Persis. Erin is buried in a cemetery at the northern edge of Austin. Her gravestone has Texas bluebonnets engraved on it, the flower she loved so much, and her grave is on the top of a hill overlooking the nearby hill country of Texas. She would have loved the view.



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