Clauselle (Claude) Lanier Jones

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Clauselle (Claude) Lanier Jones  B: Aug 17 1872, D: 1954

(By Nelson Cameron) My grandfather, Claude L. Jones was a writer.  I am attaching a short track he wrote about what it meant to him to be a Christian.  I thought it may be of interest to some.

Some of you may know that Claude L. Jones was an evangelist, having founded churches in Hot Springs, Ark., Caddo Gap, Ark., Shreveport, LA. and Houston Texas.  The little stone building on the right (heading north) on Highway 27 as you pass through Caddo Gap was his church in Caddo Gap.  It used to be a rock shop.  Its across from Milton’s place that used to be a service station.  Claude L. Jones also served in WWI as a chaplin.

— Nelson Cameron

Claude’s manuscript: Christian Church by Claude Jones


2 thoughts on “Clauselle (Claude) Lanier Jones

  1. Very nice piece, Nelson. It would be nice to have a photo of the building you mention where his church was. That can be added right here.

    Also, I edited the links to this article to tie the hierarchy to Claude in the “book” organization of the ancestors, and to him in the Main Topics links. That gives two different ways for an item to be discovered. I hope we can get more info on all the ancestors and get it organized.

    – Gil –
    Guilford L. Jones, III
    (Grandson of Guilford)

  2. Thanks Nelson for sharing your grandfather’s writing from both the historical and religious perspectives. He certainly was a renown religious leader and major contributor in so many ways to the Valley.
    — Mike White

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