Janet Claire Jones-Linebaugh

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Editor: Gil Jones   Current as of June 11, 2017


Jan Jones shown in Washington, D.C. in January 2017 while on a trip with her brother

Janet (“Jan”) was born March 25, 1948.  She lives in Bedford, Pennsylvia with her entourage of Tibetian Terriers. Jan recently lost her husband of many years, David Theodore Linebaugh after his many years injured from a stroke and brain aneurysm.




Janet Claire Jones-Linebaugh and husband David

Jan and Dave had lived in Florida, Houston, San Francisco (where they met), then Stockton, CA with her mother, and later in Marble Falls where her brother lived. Jan was the major caretaker for their mother, Bette Janet Moritz Jones in her later years and for her husband with his injuries. Her brother tells the story that in 1993 he called Jan to say “y’all are moving to Marble Falls.”  Jan: “oh, we are?”  Gil: “Yes, I can’t do anything to help you out there in California.” Within six months, Jan, Dave, Bette, and the Tibetan Terriers arrived.


Jan was an art major with a degree from the University of Texas and trained further in Mexico City and at the San Francisco Institute of Art. Her best work is in sculpture, an example of which follows.

An original sculpture by Jan Jones











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