Memorial Day 2017 and flood photos

Photos of 2017 flood.

Before clean-up and repairs

Taken May 26, 2017, prior to cleanup and fixup. Big storms are not new to the Valley. Check this article from 1978:  1978 Jones Valley ‘Big Wind’ Article & Photos

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Post-repair and cleanup, plus a few candids:

Photos by Gil and Spencer

The helper list and outline of work done

Hopefully we did not miss anyone in making this list.

Ken and Susan Ellis, Mike White, Larry Braswell, Johnny and Judy Cameron, JJ Cameron, Nelson Cameron, Jeff Cameron, Logan Morris, Riley Morris, Spencer and Liz Cubage, Coleman Cubage, and yours truly: Gil.

JJ Cameron was the architect and project manager of the entire operation. I asked him if he just woke up Saturday morning with the entire plan in his head. He did not deny it. First thing we knew, he and Johnny were circling the dining hall like vultures with notepad and pencil in hand. Making a list. A few hours later they showed up along with a Plyler’s delivery truck and Johnny’s pickup laden with materials. That was Saturday late morning.

By Sunday about 8PM the last nail was driven and tools put away.

First thing Saturday morning I tackled the debris in and against the dining hall. Mike White was constantly hauling trash and debris to the burn pile. JJ, Ken, Johnny, Riley and Logan were the primary demolishers of the old siding. Ken and Jeffrey helped with the new kitchen corner beam. That group skirted the hall with bull wire. JJ and I cut and nailed siding. Spencer and Liz jumped into various chores. Judy did a lot of inside cleaning and then attacked with a wicked paint brush. Ken and Susan were the masters of the screening and were assisted in the trim by Nelson and Coleman (a/k/a “Trim Boys”). JJ hung the new kitchen door and I fitted the hardware. The side door was not replaced but it is now shiny, thanks to Susan who assaulted it with brush and soap.

Larry and I tackled the fallen trees with chainsaw, tractor and chain. Logan had done a lot of chainsaw cutting, making smaller “trunk chunks” a manageable affair.

All of that was Saturday and Sunday. Thursday late and Friday, Mike, Susan and I had weedeaters whirring, demolishing heavily grown up foliage. Larry mowed and Johnny later finished off the big field.

I’ve missed some of the details here, but just know that all of the group jumped into various chores simply “as needed.”

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