Another reunion under my/our belt

(originally posted July 8,2007)  NOTE: photo links are not working. Will fix

One head count indicated around 90 in attendance, not sure anyone got the exact count. There were a lot more 20/30 somethings this year and more kiddos — that’s great! The food was really good thanks to Karen and Robert Atkinson’s organization, the grounds were in super shape due to Larry Braswell’s oversight and added personal labor on the mower, the records were in order from Treasurer Milton Cameron and Secretary Mike White, [G2:1436 class=g2image_float_left] and the Sunday service was fulfilling under Johnny Cameron’s leadership. I know I’ve left out some people who played a big part in the reunion ….

The swimming hole [G2:1421] was in fine shape and well-used. The curious thing was how Bailiff, who normally plunges into water, would not get near it. Possibly the crowd of kids, canoes and tubes had her buffaloed. This [G2:1399 class=g2image_float_left] was as close as she would get.

We had a great spot for the trailer thanks to Larry’s preparation — thanks again Larry. [G2:1393 class=g2image_float_right]The Board approved that general area as the official “Guilford Jones, III family” spot and I’ll be sketching that out in more detail later for a formal written approval later.

A few people did bring photos and documents for the incipient building of the archives. Mike White and I set up our scanners for a couple of hours and digested all of it into little bits and bytes, later to emerge even as the Phoenix from the ashes, in postings here on the website for posterity. We KNOW that a lot of people have a lot more “stuff” in their closets to bring to us next year. My hope is that every photo or document of ongoing importance is embedded into this website for all to enjoy far into the future.

A couple of us talked about maybe trying to get a large BBQ pit and do one evening meal of maybe ribs, steaks, brisket, chicken, etc. I know there are a bunch of guys (and maybe even a few of the gals) who are good BBQ’rs. That might be something to give a little variety from the usual fare.

I left the reunion a day later than planned due to a blowout that I had on a trailer tire on the way up. The guys at “Quickboys” in Glenwood ordered a tire Saturday and had it there on Monday but by the time I picked it up and changed the tire on the trailer, it was too late to start home. It was kinda nice though, having just a few of us left in the Valley with the serenity of the forest wrapped around us. Bailiff and I had a quiet night after a steak (alas, only Bailiff’s dry food for her) on the RVQ (that’s a BBQ pit on the RV … RVQ, get it?) and a little fruit.

We thought we were getting off early on Tuesday but it was close to 8AM before we actually pulled away. I just thought I had everything squared away the night before. [G2:1486 class=g2image_float_right] Bailiff was no help with the driving as she was plenty tuckered out. The trip was uneventful for the 488 miles back home and we had the trailer tucked away and were home by 6.

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