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Secretary-Treasurer and family historian and archivist.

2019 Jones Valley October Visit

Hey Cousins, This is not exactly late breaking news, since I’m reporting about my trip to the Valley the previous week, but it was such a good time I needed to pass it along.

The weather was perfect, and the one day it did rain I had plenty to do in the Cabin so it was all good. One thing, when you visit not at Reunion time, you get to see nature’s unexpected beauty with unexpected treats like these flowers around the Cubage Cabin – .”Red Surprise Lily” Continue reading

The Valley in January

(originally posted Jan 21, 2010)

Made a little trip out to Arkansas this last weekend and spent a pleasant couple of days in Jones Valley. The Valley has a very nice soft look in the winter. Larry and Paula were there as well, and we had a real nice time visiting, getting a few things done, and taking in most of the NFL playoff games. Continue reading

How High’s the water, Momma

(originally posted Mar 6, 2010)

I’m not sure about the height, but city water is now in Jones Valley, Caddo Gap, Arkansas. And Cousins, from all reports, it tastes very good! This milestone was reached during the last days of February 2010 when our President, Larry Braswell, directed the successful completion of the connections to the end points from the city water termination junction near the well and pump. Continue reading

Fannie Highsmith memoir

Fannie Highsmith, second of our founding eleven brothers and sisters, was a remarkable person who lived through much of our country’s turbulent history – from the Civil War to the beginning of our Space Program.   In her later years she wrote her memoir that was recorded (typed) by her brother Claude’s wife Annie.   I think you will find reading this (more…)

Christmas card project

Previously I shared pitcures of the 2012 ‘white’ Christmas in Jones Valley  taken by Larry Braswell.  These pictures were quite nice, capturing a special event in our Valley.  Cousin Nelson expressed how the one of the Hillbilly Cabin would make a nice Christmas card.

On Nelson’s inspiration, I created a Christmas card from one of the online photo sites (Shutterfly), this was of course with some help from Lynn.  Continue reading